Narmada Kidney Foundation

Narmada Kidney Foundation

Narmada Kidney Foundation
Address line 1: Narmada Kidney Foundation B/ 01
Nav Sanyukta Co op. Society Ltd.
Gr. Floor, Behind Jai Mata Di Temple
Dr. Charat Singh Colony
A.G. Link Road, Chakala, Andheri (E)
Mumbai 400 093.

Address line 2: B/1 Nav Sayunkta
Guru Hargovindji Rd
Chakala, Andheri East
Mumbai, MH
Ph: 022 2825 4147
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Narmada Kidney Foundation (NKF) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Started in 1993, this registered charitable trust was the brain child of Dr. Bharat Shah and some like-minded individuals. Dr. Shah, a renowned nephrologist, felt the need to start this foundation in the time when chronic kidney diseases had started becoming rampant. Since its inception, NKF has worked towards educating people about kidney diseases as well as about the ways of treating and preventing them.
Aims and Objectives
NKF’s mission is to increase people’s knowledge about kidney diseases. It wants people to know about ways to prevent kidney diseases and adapt a healthy lifestyle. It takes effort to educate people about different ways in which kidney diseases can be treated. It supports kidney disease patients and their families and helps them cope with their situation. Apart from this, NKF also strives to raise awareness about organ donation. When a person reaches end stage renal failure, the only option to survive is by going through transplantation. Most times, the kidney transplantation is done by taking a kidney from a living relative. However, there are times when one may not find a matching donor. In such situations, cadaver organ donation is the only solution. Hence, the foundation actively promotes organ donation through their campaigns and other activities.
NKF hosts several activities to fulfill their mission of spreading knowledge about kidney diseases and promoting organ donation by talking about brain death and the importance of donating organs after death. Dialysis and transplant workshops are held twice every week at the NKF office in Andheri, Mumbai. Members are awarded with free Hepatitis B and C screenings, free Hepatitis B vaccine and discount rates on medicines. Also, entertainment programs and picnics are arranged every year for the members.

Every month, the foundation organizes campaigns and talks for organizations, communities, societies, etc. where they distribute awareness materials like brochures, donor cards, etc. The bullet rally held on March 04, 2012, is one example of the kind of work done by this organization.

NKF also has the facility of Swap Transplant. People who do not have a compatible blood group match to donate their kidney can register for this program. If there are two people with such a problem, the donor of one family can donate his/her kidney to the recipient of the other family and vice versa. Many people have been benefitted by this program.

When it comes to promotion of organ donation, NKF is very innovative. Some of the activities they have come up with are a testimony of this fact. Here are a few activities started by NKF, which have been successfully conducted for several years.

Organ Donor’s Day
Started in 1997, Organ Donor’s Day is celebrated on November 30 every year. As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to organ donors and donor families. NKF started this Day as they realized that it was important to acknowledge the organ donors and donor families (those who donated the organs of their loved ones after death) for this selfless and courageous act. This Day has bought a major difference in many lives.
National Transplant Games
This is another activity started by Narmada Kidney Foundation with the aim of promoting organ donation. Through the games, they want to demonstrate the success of organ transplantation, as both donors as well as recipients (from all around the country) participate in these games, thus encouraging potential donors and recipients. This was also started to create a support group and increase interaction among transplant patients.